1. On Day 4 of Baselworld, Planet Swatch became Planet Sports and welcomed five Swatch Proteam athletes. Heroes in the world of high-performance competitive sports, champion surfers Courtney Conlogue (shortboard) and Darci Liu (longboard) brought their boards, Xavier De Le Rue and Anne-Flore Marxer their snowboards and freestyle motocross (FMX) legend Mat Rebeaud brought his motor bike. The athletes presented themselves and their sports while greeting their fans. All through the day, they spoke about their passion  what drives them to perform, living on the edge, the risks, fears, joys and pleasure of doing what they love to do.

    Since it launched in 1983, Swatch has always been a big fan and huge supporter of sports of all kinds, from the early days of snowboarding and beach volleyball to the amazing range of disciplines at the Olympic Games. Today, Swatch throws its energy behind women’s surfing, freestyle and freeride skiing and snowboarding, freestyle motocross and, since 2012, the rough-and-tumble sport of ice-cross downhill. 


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